About Us

Parents for Public Schools® accomplishes our mission through strategies and programs that:

Educate Parents by helping them learn to cut through the intimidating jargon that often keeps them from becoming involved in their child’s education. Parents learn to understand the data published regarding their children’s schools and gain the confidence to challenge a school administration that may be failing or attend a school board meeting. In short, PPS provides parents – often voiceless – with the tools and confidence they need to ensure that the local schools are excellent. 

In San Francisco, an often confusing enrollment and admission process has been a difficult system for parents to navigate. Parents new to the system, not to mention immigrant parents, find the process intimidating. The PPS chapter of San Francisco helps parents every year by providing flyers in multiple languages that guide parents through the process. The chapter also actively works to recognize outstanding schools that often go unnoticed and touting the schools to potential parents and students.

Engage Parents by reminding them of the research that makes clear the correlation of parent participation and student achievement.  Parents also learn to become engaged in local, state and national issues impacting education.

The PPS chapter of Portland (OR) anually hosts a Parent Leadership Conference.  The event helps parents, families, and community members learn effective strategies for supporting their students, school, and district. The conference  offers a wide range of workshops that provide tools, dialogue, and inspiration to help parents engage in their children’s education, at home and at school, as well as at the district and state level. The PLC supports participants at their current level of involvement, and provides training for those who want to increase their leadership roles.

Mobilize Parents by organizing them and their supporters to work for equitable distribution of resources to support public education and access to opportunities for all students. PPS parents are leading advocates in shaping education policy at the local, state and national levels.

For years, PPS of Houston (TX) has published voter guides and hosted candidate forums for the elections of Houston School Board Trustees. Because the ballots are very long, the Houston parents found that candidates for the school board received little media attention or scrutiny. To help educate and mobilize parents to vote, the chapter introduced the guides and forums to ensure that parents were involved in the process and – just as important – that candidates understood that they would be accountable to a well-educated and active constituency. 

Success stories abound regarding our parents and their good work. Read them here.