Pathways to Parent Leadership Training

PPS of Greater Cincinnati’s Pathways to Parent Leadership Program equips parents and families in Ohio’s 74 persistently lowest-achieving schools with the skills to effectively lead, advocate for and build local learning support systems that maximize student academic achievement. This program engages parents to address the often interconnected academic and nonacademic needs that can limit students’ ability to learn and succeed in school and in life.

The program begins with a meeting with district leadership to get their input on how to best implement the program in their area. Once we have district leadership buy-in a needs assessment is completed with the Parent Involvement / Resource Coordinator in the school building. This aids in supporting their current efforts and extending new supports in the school community. Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of their Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) Family Guide to the first session so they can learn how to interpret their students testing results. Throughout their journey on the pathway to leadership parents learn how to analyze student, school, district and the state report card. Participants also complete their Personal Leadership Plan and learn how to implement their strengths and talents to improve their school culture and academic outcomes.

The Pathways Curriculum consists of four training modules that include: 1) Understanding Ohio’s School System, 2) Collaboration, 3) School Improvement and 4) Call to Action. Each session builds on the previous so participants are expected to complete homework assignments to document implementation of new skills learned.  After completing their first session parents are sent an invite to join our Parent Leaders Group on the state Safe & Supportive Learning Collaborative site. This community of learners’ site serves as an avenue for information sharing, posting of homework assignments, pre-recorded webinars, etc.

The program is funded under the Race to the Top (RttT) Grant through the Ohio Department of Education. The Ohio State University Center for Learning Excellence (CLEX) provides the community engagement /professional development coaching for the identified schools under this collaboration.

Thus far, thirty eight schools across the state have completed module 1 and several have module 2 scheduled. Lori Ward, Superintendent of Dayton City Schools has requested us to facilitate the training during a district wide Parental Symposium. Session 1 drew over 100 parents! Tyrrea Byrd, Program Manager states, “I feel like our state is a large quilt and I’m the thread that’s weaving it all together.” Participant feedback has included statements like, “my favorite part of the training was the explanation of the school / district report card and loved the video clip,” another noted, “the training has helped me understand the importance of the Ohio Graduation Test.” 

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