Success Stories

PPS of Hawaii is Taking On Misperceptions of Public Middle Schools

The Hawaii Chapter of Parents for Public Schools (PPS) is taking on the challenge of addressing the bad publicity and misperceptions of Hawaii’s public middle schools.

PPS Parent Leaders Push Beyond the Curriculum

Wanting to empower fifth grade girls to stretch beyond the mandated school curriculum, PPS Parent Leadership Institute graduates Carley Johnston and Amy Tate used their newly-learned leadership skills to establish a leadership academy at Lawhon Elementary School in Tupelo, Mississippi.

A merger that will strengthen public education to benefit all children

In the Mississippi legislature, there was overwhelming support for merging two schools districts into one district to address the ongoing under achieving performance problem in Oktibbeha County School District.

PPS of Greater Kalamazoo Hosts Parent Engagement Roundtable

“What does authentic parent engagement mean to your organization?” That question was posed to five non-profit organizations working in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, by Parents for Public Schools of Greater Kalamazoo (PPS-GK) at its first Parent Engagement (PE) Roundtable meeting on February 26

Portland's Celebration of Families Seen as Relationship Builder

For the past several years, the Portland Chapter of Parents for Public Schools has held a daylong event called The Parent Leadership Conference (PLC), which drew up to 300 attendees every year.  With the economic downturn, the grant dollars we needed to make this event happen became harder t

Pathways to Parent Leadership Training

PPS of Greater Cincinnati’s Pathways to Parent Leadership Program equips parents and families in Ohio’s 74 persistently lowest-achieving schools with the skills to effectively lead, advocate for and build local learning support systems that maximize student academic achievement.

I Am Smart!

Veronica Harrison, a graduate of the Parent Leadership Institute, is a dedicated parent in Hamilton, MS.

The Book Nook

 “From reviewing the state testing data for the local elementary school my child attended, I was struck by the disparities in reading scores for white and African-American children. I felt an urgency in me to do something,” said Alniece Liggins, a PLI graduate and Tupelo resident.

Planting the Seeds of Parent Engagement

In the spring of 2011, the Parents for Public Schools chapter of San Francisco offered kindergarten enrollment workshops for interested parents at five different public libraries. The response was overwhelming, and the chapter recently completed expanded workshops to accommodate more parents.

Raising Cain - and Test Scores - in Mississippi

Three women in a small town in northeast Mississippi are using Parents for Public Schools to push their local schools to improve.  Their own children - the motivation for their involvement - will benefit, of course.  But many others reap the benefits.

2012 Celebration of Excellence Awards

Parents for Public Schools of Syracuse, Inc. held their annual Celebration of Excellence on May 30th by honoring outstanding members of their school communities. Awardees were selected from parents, students, teachers, administration and other school community workers.

Andi Hildenbrand, PLI Graduate
The BEARS Cave

As a former high school science teacher and a graduate of the Northeast Mississippi 2009 Parent Leadership Institute, Andi Hildenbrand was disappointed in her school’s standardized test scores in science.

The World Comes to Portland

The Portland chapter of Parents for Public Schools® decided to hold a conference for local parents—and it seemed the whole world showed up.

Sharon Upshaw, PLI Graduate
Parent Advocate PPS

Sharon Upshaw is one of those people who keeps on accepting challenges and starting new adventures, like keeping up with the latest technology and working to make Mississippi public schools better for all children.