A New Brand of Parent Involvement

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The work of Parents for Public Schools chapters is carried out in a community-based, not school-based structure.  As public school parents and as voting citizens we provide an important link between public schools and the communities to which they are accountable.  As public school “insiders” PPS encourages more meaningful, hands-on involvement of parents at the building and district levels.  As “outsiders” PPS civic-minded activists face a wider, external audience calling on the community to support the public schools.  In attempting to elevate the role of parents in public school advocacy and reform, this new definition propels PPS grassroots volunteers to expect and to promote a new standard and a new attitude for involvement at every level.  You’ll recognize PPS parents by these important traits— 

  • Equal partners.  PPS reworks relationships between families, communities and schools so that parents are equal and actively engaged partners, not passive, external constituents of their public school systems.
  • Proactive problem solvers.  PPS moves parents beyond a reactive, help-only-when-asked mode to identify problems and bring their talents and ideas to the policy table, not just the homework table.
  • Effective decision-makers.  PPS provides the resources and ideas that help parents work with educators to define and analyze issues and find solutions.
  • Standard raisers.  PPS challenges mediocrity at every level in public schools by setting high standards and helping students and educators meet these standards.
  • Mentors to others.  PPS paves the way for ongoing and significant involvement at all levels of the district by creating welcome spaces and meaningful roles for more parents.
  • Committed to diversity in action.  PPS crosses racial, cultural and socioeconomic lines to develop partnerships among parents that are needed to effectively promote the best education for all students.
  • Think nationally and act locally.  PPS does its local work as part of a national effort and shares resources and ideas with other PPS parents across the nation.
  • Community advocates.  Public schools anchor a community.  PPS members answer a civic duty to help make schools strong for all children.