Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When can we start calling our organization "Parents for Public Schools®"?

Your chapter can begin using the name and logo of Parents for Public Schools once the Letter of Agreement is executed by the chapter and the PPS Executive Director. This is the first step to incorporating your chapter

2. How much does it cost to become a PPS chapter?

The annual chapter fee is $250 per year, which may be waived for the first year. There is no initial incorporation fee payable to Parents for Public Schools, though your state may require a filing fee for incorporation.

3. How long does it take to become a PPS Chapter?

Generally, it will take your group 8 - 12 weeks to become a fully incorporated chapter. However, we encourage you to take additional time to build a strong core group of parents if necessary.

4. What is a "core group"?

A core group is a group of at least 12 dedicated parents who share a passion for public education and a willingness to work together to support and improve the public schools in their community. Your core group should be racially and geographically representative of your community. A strong core group is the cornerstone of a successful chapter.

5. Are their additional fees for technical assistance from PPS National?

All services provided by the national office are free to all chapters in good standing. This includes site visits, strategic planning, the national clearinghouse, PPS publications, conferences, and a toll-free number to contact national support staff. As the national network expands, it may become necessary to assess technical assistance fees for additional services.

6. What services are available to an emerging chapter before it is officially incorporated?

As you are organizing a chapter, you can make use of all services available to incorporated chapters once the Letter of Agreement is executed by the chapter and the PPS Executive Director. Specific services for emerging chapters include: speakers for an introductory/informational meeting, connections to established chapter leadership in other communities, technical assistance in developing a workplan, and free targeted or bulk mailings (up to 250 pieces).

7. Do we need to hire a lawyer to write our by-laws and articles of incorporation?

No, though you may want to have a lawyer look over them once they are completed and then file them with the Secretary of State's office on your behalf. The Quick-Start Kit contains sample by-laws and articles of incorporation that are easily transferable to your site and they are available on disk.

8. Who can attend the Leadership Conferences?

All chapter members and leaders of emerging chapters are welcome to attend. We encourage each chapter to send at least two members, a current chapter leader and an emerging chapter leader, to participate in the leadership conferences.